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Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Book Review

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Five Lies of our Anti-Christian Age by Rosaria Butterfield is a must-read book for every believer in our upside-down world. Full confession, I listened to it on audio, but that counts too!

The five lies exposed to biblical light are:

book cover five lies of our anti-christian age
  • Homosexuality is Normal
  • Being a Spiritual Person is Kinder Than Being a Biblical Christian
  • Feminism is Good for the World and the Church
  • Transgenderism is Normal
  • Modesty is an Outdated Burden That Serves Male Dominance and Holds Women Back

The author explains the roots of these five lies as well as how they have taken control of our culture and infiltrated the church. Knowing both the foundation and the future of these five lies gives the reader the necessary knowledge to stand strong for biblical truth.

Rosaria Butterfield, the author, is the perfect person to write this book. She says, “This is a book about dismantling the idol of our times—the world of LGBTQ+ that I in my sin helped build.” Rosaria knows what she is writing about.

Before coming to saving faith in Christ, she was a tenured lesbian professor of English literature at Syracuse University. Her journey from lesbian activist professor to pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom is one of grace and growing sanctification that she shares freely. Her story of grace and our grace-giving God working in her life both before and after salvation has equipped her to share this message with a confused and weak church.

Some topics covered in this book include

  • What is intersectionality?
  • Are acceptance and approval the same thing?
  • Should Christians use someone’s preferred pronouns?
  • How should believers interact with those in sexual sin, with specific emphasis on homosexuality and transgenderism?
  • Why holding to biblical truth is the only hope for those captured by the lies of our age – and how to do so in love.
  • The difference between “Side A” and “Side B” theology in the Christian debate over homosexuality and why both are unbiblical.
  • How all of these lies trace back to the effect of sin on God’s perfect creation of male and female – but that the “gender binary” of man and woman is still reality.
  • Why “normal” isn’t a good gauge for biblical Christians.

The topics covered in this book cover some of the hottest issues in our culture and our churches today. Rosaria Butterfield addresses these with biblical truth quoting directly from Scripture in dozens of places. She also addresses them with love and compassion for those trapped by lies, those who love others (often children) who are trapped by these lies, and those who are simply confused about what is going on and what happened to truth and reality.

“Speaking the truth is love” is an admonition for all believers – neglecting either truth or love is therefore not biblical. Whatever your life and church and family look like right now, if you want biblical truth to enlighten the lies of our age, read this book.

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