Living for Jesus

How to Make Gratitude a Habit

A few years ago, I wrote a short post about having a month of gratitude in November. While the ideas I shared are a great place to start, sometimes I think we need to push ourselves in the gratitude department! And I think that might be especially true this year. So let’s look at how…

Living at Home

A Halloween Prayer Plan

Halloween can be a sticky issue for many Christian families. There seem to be so many conflicting opinions and lots of finger-pointing. It’s an issue my husband and I struggled with as young parents. While I’ve never been satisfied with where I’ve landed on this topic, I do believe that having a Halloween prayer plan…

Living at Home

Christmas Gifts for Kids

I debated with myself about putting together a list of Christmas gifts for kids – but I lost the debate. So, even though no children still live in my home with me, here is my list of ideas. But before I get to the actual list, I want to let you know how I decided…

Living at Home

How to Prepare for the Holidays

The holiday season – which in my mind runs from mid-October to January 1 – can bring out the best or the worst in all of us. In a typical year, this season brings feelings of anticipation, stress, excitement, joy, hope, exhaustion, or even depression. Most of you may routinely ask yourself how to prepare…

Living at Home

How to Encourage Reading at Home

You know your children need to read every day – their teachers have been telling you this for years. And you know that reading will help them to be successful in school, not to mention paving the way for a better future. You try to encourage reading at home. But the pushback! Whining. Complaining. Pouting….