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How To Make a Faith Journal

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I thought of titling this post “how to make a prayer journal,” but my journal is used for more than prayer requests, so I’ve named it my Faith Journal.

I have several posts on the topic of 20 Ways to Pray. Although these are old posts, they are also some of my most popular. When I created the lists, I wanted them to be more than a distant memory of some good ideas. I planned for them to be a tool that would help both you and me to have a more focused prayer life.  I hoped they would be a resource that could guide your prayers to be more intentional, more specific, and more powerful.

How to Make a Faith Journal

Putting all this together in a Faith Journal or Prayer Journal is one way of using these tools and helping your prayer life grow.

My Faith Journal

My Faith Journal is a 6-inch by 8.5-inch hardcover notebook I picked up at Wal-Mart.  There is nothing fancy about it. I picked it up one day because on the cover was Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. It has lined pages.

Faith Journal or Prayer Journal

I have also gotten journals at other stores and online. The one important thing for me is that my Faith Journal has a cover that reminds me of the purpose of this journal. Some people like spiral-bound journals, like this one, while others prefer stitched journals, hardback journals, or even lovely leather (or faux-leather!) journals. Any type will do – as long as you love it enough to use it!

The first thing I did to my journal was to number the pages. I only numbered the odd pages – it cuts down on the time it takes, and I think I can figure out the even numbers!  Next, I created an index. This is the best thing I learned from dabbling with a bullet journal. Anyway, creating an index helps me to find just what I’m looking for with less flipping through pages.

Prayer journal index

After the index, I included my church’s mission statement – “We exist to unite all generations to go make disciples of Jesus.” It reminds me of what is important in this life.

Then I have my word and verse for the year. My word for 2018 was Stretch and 2019 was Trust. Next, I have my Bible reading log. I cross off each chapter as I read it, and have a handy record at the end of the year what I’ve read/studied.

Finally, I have Bible study methods notes.  I only have two methods: the SOAP method, and notes on Inductive Study  (both of these are also in the Treasure Trove of Faith Freebies). Although I have other methods of Bible study that I use, I decided that this was not the best place for that information. But these two were already glued in! Most of these items are glued into my notebook. I find it easier to print something and glue it in than to draw out what I want to have.

Glue vs. Notebook

Why glue? Because this is the size journal I wanted to have and carry around with me, and I had this notebook on hand, and I had glue on hand. I may change eventually to a ring notebook – either disc-bound or traditional – as long as it’s in the smaller size I want. An advantage of the ring notebook would be that I could just hole-punch everything. In fact, I have all those printables in full size, and could print them out as is, hole-punch them, and use them in a traditional binder. But I wanted the smaller size! Just FYI – I print my PDF documents at 68% to fit into my journal. You may have to play with yours a bit to find the exact size you need to print, if you’re going with a smaller notebook or journal.

Faith Journal Sections

Back to the Faith Journal. After the introductory section, I have a two-page spread for each day of the week – labeled for the topic I pray about that day. I use these topics:

After my weekly pages, I have my daily pages. These are the requests I pray for every day.

On one side of each two-side spread is the prayer guide I’ve created for that person/topic. On the other side are more specific requests and praises. For example, on the spread for my grandchildren, I have the children’s prayer guide on the left, and specific requests and praises on the right, such as Baby E. will sleep better, C. will make a good transition to a bigger bed, and that M. would get over his ear infection quickly.

faith journal prayer journal

After all the prayer pages, I have sermon notes (again a two-page spread per week). I will migrate the prayer pages to further into the journal as they become filled. In hindsight, I should have left at least four pages (two spreads) for each prayer request area/person/topic. Another advantage of the traditional notebook would be that I could just add pages where I needed them!

Some of my faith tools are not in this notebook. For example, when I dig into the Scriptures for serious study, I take notes either in a separate notebook or, more frequently, in a document on my computer. I also have a devotions notebook – totally undated because I don’t use it daily and don’t need to feel guilty about that. In my devotions notebook I record only one verse from that day’s reading and then notes about what the Spirit is saying to me that morning.

How to start your faith journal
how to start your faith journal
How to make a faith journal

That’s it – a Faith Journal that goes with me to church, to small group, to Bible studies, and to my devotional time. It helps keep me organized and praying. Give it a try!

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  1. WOW! excellent ideas!
    Using this concept; as a Christmas gift to several family members; I purchased a pretty (probably faux) leather journal at christianbooks.com (great place for all your spiritual needs (not affiliated lol). These journals have a different popular biblical verse as well as the person’s name inscribed. For $7.99! I purchased several with individual names. Then I added things like a multicolored pen. You know the kind- that you push down on red and the red pen comes down. You push down on blue and the red goes up – the blue comes down.
    I added a kit for adding sticky notes, etc. A special tea mug, herbal tea bags, a biblical tea towel, and pre-ordered the new book “The Weekly Faith Project” to help them along. I also included a link to your website for more helpful tips. 🙂

    1. Great deas! I’m in the process of updating all of the “20 Ways” PDFs – hope to have them all finished by the end of the year! I think they’ll be easier to read and use when I’m done.

  2. This is super helpful! Getting ready to start a faith journal (I like the encompassing title) and appreciate hearing how other use this and set it up!

    1. I find it useful to think of my Faith Journal as a work in progress – as with most tools, it develops as I grow. Glad it was helpful to you.

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