Welcome to Life, Love, and Jesus! My name is Tammie Pittsley. I am a wife (35+ years), mother, and grandmother in the prime of life (that means over 50!) and still learning and growing. I’m glad you found your way here – whether through Google, Pinterest, a friend, or some other way. I hope and pray that you will find encouragement here to faithfully follow Jesus in the midst of all the stress and blessings we call life.

I started Life, Love, and Jesus in 2017. My primary goal was – and still is – to help women live as faithful Christians in any season of life. I willingly share my bumps and bruises earned from walking with (and sometimes rebelling against) Jesus.

I share stories from my own life as a wife, mother, grandmother, former elementary school teacher, lifelong student of the Bible, and always-curious learner. I have learned how to restore trust in a badly damaged marriage relationship, let my children make their own mistakes while faithfully praying for them, endure or thrive in seasons of change, and fight fiercely for what I believe in. All while holding on to my faith as my anchor through it all.

I am unapologetically a believer in Jesus as the only way of salvation for people in a sin-weary world. I encourage, inspire, teach, and provide tools to help believers live faithful and joyful lives. From prayer guides and Bible study tips to managing a family or confronting personal challenges, I want to help you become the person God wants you to be.