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How’s Your Prayer Life?

Do you love the idea of prayingbut feel like you fall short on actually praying?

Do you believe that prayer is vital for your faith & lifebut need some practical guidance?

Do you have a half-filled prayer journal that you think might help – but don’t know exactly where to start?

If you’re yelling “YES! THAT’S ME!” – help is here!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You pray for your family, but want to pray for others on a regular basis as well?
  • You know you should be praying for your church and pastor, but don’t really know what to pray about?
  • You have several lost family members or friends, but so often your prayer stops at “Lord, save them”?
  • You know the Bible has a lot to say about prayer – but have never really studied about prayer?
  • You know God wants you to spend time with Him in prayer. But so often you just feel like all you do is ask for stuff instead of enjoying being in His presence?
  • The bottom line: you want more from your prayer life and believe God wants more for you also.

The best way to learn about prayer is to spend time praying. The second best way is to learn from those who have spent time praying.

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What’s Included in the 20 Ways to Pray Journal?

  • UPDATED! in May 2021 with 23 new forms and section dividers.
  • Directions and suggestions for use
  • 20 journaling prompts to help you examine your prayer practices and areas for growth
  • 10 prayer lists providing 20 items of prayer for family, ministries, and more
  • Sample weekly schedule & verses for each topic
  • A monthly gratitude journal – because thanksgiving refocuses our prayers
  • Passages to study & verses to memorize

Thank you for this prayer journal. I think it is absolutely wonderful! I like it so much I have recommended it to others.

Patricia G.


Hi! I’m Tammie – and I wrote The 20 Ways to Pray Journal because I want you to become the prayer warrior that God designed you to be.

I become a Christian when I was 17. And I knew nothing! Although I attended the Catholic church as a girl, I only learned some basic Bible stories. I knew nothing about having a relationship with Jesus or prayer.

But God.

Don’t the best stories start that way?

But God was faithful to teach me! He used older believers. He used the many churches I’ve attended. He used Bible study workbooks, Christian authors, and Sunday School classes.

But mostly He used life. Just living life has driven me to my knees time and again – and God has been faithful to teach me to pray.

  • He taught me to pray for myself – and that praying for myself was a good thing!
  • He taught me to pray for my children – their character, their salvation, their education, friends, and future.
  • He held me close as I prayed for my marriage & husband.
  • He taught me to intercede with tears for those who don’t know Him.
  • He taught me perseverance in prayer.
  • And He has shown up time and again – and still is! – meeting me in times of prayer, praise, desperation, confusion, even anger.

I’ve poured my heart & my lessons learned into The 20 Ways to Pray Journal. I pray this tool will help you grow in prayer & faith.

What Others are Saying

Thank you for the great information. I seem to struggle in keeping my prayer life focused, so I’m eager to try this method.

Sheila N.

Love, love!! Thank you!!

Marti G.

I commend what God is doing through your ministry. You are touching lives. You have given me directions on praying many times.

Augustina O.