gift giving guidelines
Do you ever feel powerless against the onslaught of toys and gifts at holiday time? Without a plan in place to give guidance to gift-giving,…
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celebrate Jesus
Jesus can often get lost in the typical hustle & bustle of the holiday season. It may seem like an impossible task to truly celebrate…
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halloween prayer plan
Halloween can be a sticky issue for many Christian families. There seem to be so many conflicting opinions and lots of finger-pointing. It’s an issue…
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Christmas gifts for kids
I debated with myself about putting together a list of Christmas gifts for kids – but I lost the debate. So, even though no children…
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how to prepare for the holidays
The holiday season – which in my mind runs from mid-October to January 1 – can bring out the best or the worst in all…
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encourage reading at home
You know your children need to read every day – their teachers have been telling you this for years. And you know that reading will…
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