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The Awe of God Book Review

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I’m still working my way through The Awe of God by John Bevere and will post a full review as soon as I’ve finished it. But don’t wait for my full review.

  • To learn more about the fear of God – a common theme throughout all of Scripture – and why we need it, read this book.
  • To know more about the holiness of God, read this book.
  • To learn how you and I as believers can live lives that glorify and honor our awesome God, read this book.

I’m part of a women’s group that is reading this book at the pace of one chapter a month. We’ll finish in late June, so my full review will be up in July. The book is designed to be read in small bites over six weeks. But I’m loving the slower pace of one chapter a month. It gives plenty of time to soak in the truths about God. And the conversations are always amazing!

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