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How to Prepare For Christmas

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You’ve seen the articles on how to prepare for Christmas. The ones that focus on decorations, recipes, and gifts. But as a Christian, you know that Christmas is about so much more than those things. It’s about – or at least it should be about – Jesus.

This year, when you think about how to prepare for Christmas, why do you focus on a few different things? The decorations, meals, presents, and family gatherings are wonderful – so don’t drop those. But spend some time preparing your heart for Christmas.

Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

Although Christmas is a one-day event, believers can use the entire month of December as a time to prepare for a season of celebration and worship. A common way to do this is by using Advent traditions, such as calendars and wreaths.

But not all believers celebrate Advent, whether from choice, lack of exposure, or something else. Thankfully, Advent is not the only way to prepare spiritually for Christmas. Below are three suggestions for getting your heart ready for the holiday. And, yes, the last one is using Advent calendars! Which one – or maybe all three – will work for you and your family?

Prepare For Christmas Through Reading

One perfect (to me) way to work on preparing your heart for Christmas is by reading great books. The classic A Christmas Carol is always a good choice. Or maybe a modern classic, such as The Christmas Box. Personally, I spend some of my reading time with devotionals and Bible-based books. I also love finding devotionals by favorite authors such as this one by Paul David Tripp.

Christmas tree with star

Two books I’ve read in years past include The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs and The Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers. This year I’m planning to read The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. I’d love to hear what books you recommend.

On the devotional side, I usually just read short passages from Scripture that speak of Jesus. I also often read through one or more gospels during December. Refreshing my mind with the stories of Jesus makes me more thankful for what He sacrificed in coming to this world. I love reading the Gospel of John during December because it speaks so clearly of His divinity. However, Luke is also a favorite.

I encourage you to prepare your heart for the season by changing up your devotional routine. Maybe add a book mentioned above or another one. Or lay aside the devotional guide to have more time in the Word. Maybe do a study on the names and titles of Jesus. Or perhaps you could read one chapter per day in Luke. Luke is 24 chapters long, so starting on December 1st will have you finished on Christmas Eve. Perfect!

There are lots of possibilities! Just pick one and get started.

How to Prepare For Christmas Through Music

nativity on blue background

A second way to prepare your heart is through listening to Christ-honoring music. Christmas music is popular for a reason – it helps ‘get us in the mood.’ So it is with Christmas music that focuses on Christ – it will ‘get us in the mood’ for worship and praise.

I remember as a child my father playing Christmas records on Thanksgiving Day. That was the start of the Christmas season for us. Music made all the difference. And it still makes a difference today.

When our sons were little, I stuck to that tradition of starting Christmas music at Thanksgiving. But now that it’s just me and hubby – I listen to Christmas music a lot earlier in the year – usually early November. And I have friends who listen to Christmas music almost all year. So open that app or those CDs or LPs or whatever you use for music – and listen to some Jesus-exalting Christmas tunes!

I encourage you to listen to some old favorites but be open to new songs of worship. Two of my classic favorites are O, Holy Night and Mary, Did You Know? But I’m always open to new songs.

In addition to listening to great Christmas music, you could learn some of the traditional carols, like Joy to the World or Silent Night. Go “above and beyond” by learning all the verses! Most of those older carols have theologically rich lyrics which will bless you and your family.

What about secular Christmas music like songs about reindeer, Santa, and snow? There’s no reason to eliminate that music unless it distracts you from worship and faith. If that’s not an issue, enjoy the fun stuff but focus on Christ-honoring music.

Prepare For Christmas with Advent Calendars

Advent calendars come in a multitude of varieties. You can get the simple ‘open the door and eat the chocolate’ variety. Or a service-oriented Advent calendar focused on random acts of kindness. You can do the ‘read a picture book every day in December’ approach and pair that with a calendar. Or you can go more traditional and read a verse or passage of Scripture every day.

red Christmas ornaments

There are lots of choices! Here are 7 free calendars and ideas that I’ve found that I think are worth checking out:

And lastly, some options if you’re short on time and just want to purchase an Advent calendar:

Now the ball is in your court. How will you prepare for a more Jesus-focused Christmas? How will you make Christmas a season of worship instead of a season of stress, consumption, and performance?

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