My Weight Update 3 – Slow and Steady

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As I said in February, I was traveling during the second half of February – visiting friends and family. Usually, traveling for two weeks would have added anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds to my already overweight body. But not this time – this time, I broke even! I consider that a big win! What other wins have I had?


  • Broke even on weight during two weeks of traveling.
  • Started regularly using the LoseIt® app to track my food and drink intake.
  • Walking regularly, even while traveling (and got a decent tan in Florida while walking!).
  • Controlling my soda intake. I’ve given up Coke Zero except for special occasions (eating out). And occasionally I’ll have a real Coke. But overall, I’m pleased with how little soda I’ve been drinking.
  • Drinking lots of water! I still get thirsty, and when soda is out of the picture, water is in! I’ve indulged some in Crystal Lite® or similar flavorings, but also drink plenty of plain water – in fact, plain water is what’s on my desk now!
  • I started a weekly accountability call with a friend. It’s good knowing I’ll have to give an account of my actions!


  • No weight gain, but no weight loss either.
  • Still, haven’t conquered the sweet tooth and haven’t decided when or if I’ll be doing a sugar detox this month. It’s a big step for me and honestly, a little intimidating.
  • Didn’t hit my goal of walking four times per week during the last week of February – I was busy cutting tile for our fireplace surround and figured hauling all that tile was workout enough!

For March:

  • Continue tracking food with LoseIt® app.
  • Continue walking 1-½ to 2 miles per day, at least 4 days a week.
  • Continue drinking lots of water and very little, if any soda.
  • Losing 4 pounds is my goal for March.
  • Looking at my calendar, I think I may go cold-turkey on sugar the week of March 12th – that will give me three full weeks in March to commit to this, but perhaps more importantly, it’ll give me a full week to prepare. I think that’s a good start.
  • I’ll continue with my accountability calls – and be completely honest and transparent!

Wish me luck!



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