Top 5 Reasons You Should Pray

Why do you pray? Because you should? Because your life is a mess? Because you need help? Because you’re lonely? There are dozens of reasons to pray. But perhaps a better question to ask is why should you pray? If you pray because you think you should – you are partially correct. You should pray….


A Life Goals List & Prayer

I’ve written before how The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson had a big impact on my prayer life. In fact, I wrote about it twice – here and here. But this book also introduced me to the concept of having a life goals list. The modern life goals list was likely invented by John Goddard…


The 10 Best Books on Prayer

Prayer is such a critical part of the Christian life that hundreds of books on the subject have been written. I’ve read several of them – and have several others on my ‘to-read’ shelf. From all the books on prayer that I’ve read, heard about, want to read, and have waiting for me on my…


What is Prayer in the Bible?

I remember teaching my young sons that prayer is ‘talking to God.’ A simple explanation for a child, but is prayer really that basic? What is prayer in the Bible? What does Jesus teach us about prayer? How is praying Biblically different from what you might think prayer is? These questions, and others like them,…


20 Ways to Pray for Missionaries

As believers, we know we should pray for missionaries. Unfortunately, many of us never get beyond, “Lord, bless the missionaries.” But I can imagine God scratching his head and wondering – “Which ones? How? I have a lot of different blessings; which missionaries need which blessings?” I have been guilty of just that type of…