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do a yearly review
The end of the year is traditionally a time for setting new goals and looking ahead. And I am right there with you! But first, …
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a life goals list and prayer
I’ve written before how The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson had a big impact on my prayer life. In fact, I wrote about it twice …
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turning goals into plans
Turning goals into plans is where the real magic – and work – starts. So far, you have prayed, reflected, evaluated, dreamed, categorized, ranked, and …
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goal setting process
Goal setting can be a catalyst for making big changes in your life. But having and using a goal-setting process means you don’t do it …
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goal setting 101
As I write this, there are exactly 22 days left in 2019. The Christmas season is in full swing. Some of you might be excitedly …
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habit trackers for growth
Change is hard in any area of life – jobs, relationships, homes. Anything. But one of the hardest in my opinion is changing habits! Because that means …
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