inspired by grace prayer journal

Are you ready to become the prayer warrior you are meant to be?

Take your prayer life from barely there to focused, powerful, and fruitful with the prayer tools in Inspired by Grace:  A prayer journal for consistent, powerful praying.

Is this you?

  • You have one or more half-finished prayer journals gathering dust around your home?
  • Do you long to be a prayer warrior but feel more like a prayer wimp?
  • Do you find yourself praying the same two or three things over and over again – and feel like there should be more to this prayer thing?
  • Do you desire to pray faithfully for those both inside & outside your family, but don’t know how to pray effectively?

Are you ready to be excited about your prayer time? To see God answering your prayers regularly? To know that your prayers are in sync with God’s heart?

Inspired by Grace is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately. No physical product will be sent.

Your prayer life doesn’t have to be the struggle it is! Inspired by Grace will give you the tools, guidance, and Biblical basis for becoming the strong, faithful prayer warrior you were created to be.

inspired by grace prayer journal
  • You’ll create an easy-to-follow prayer calendar and schedule that covers everything important to you.
  • You’ll have reminders to pray for more than just physical needs – for example, focusing on the character of your children or the vision of your church.
  • You’ll have a record of your prayers and God’s faithfulness in answering – even when the answer is not what you want.

What’s Included:

  • 120+ printable and fillable pages so your prayer journal can be kept in a physical notebook or digitally
  • 10 prayer lists with Bible verses so that you can pray Biblically for everyone from your family to those in power around the world.
  • Both weekly and yearly prayer schedules (with samples) so you have a planned, focus, and productive prayer life.
  • A daily prayer log or fillable journal pages for praise, confession, and intercession to track your prayers – and be reminded when God answers.
  • Bible reading and Scripture memory guides so your prayers will be built on Biblical truth and God’s power.
  • A 5-day study on prayer so you can understand the Biblical truth, commands, and facts which true prayer must rest on. Knowledge is power – knowing God’s Word is spiritual power.

Imagine having a powerful consistent prayer life. Imagine…

  • Feeling confident as you face each day knowing you’re following God’s path
  • Trusting fully in God’s care for your children – instead of worrying endlessly
  • Having the peace and joy of the Lord follow you throughout the day, no matter what you face
  • Seeing answers to prayer – and being filled with gratitude because of that
  • Ending the day with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment

These benefits – and more – will be yours when you bring life back to your prayer life with Inspired by Grace.

Inspired by Grace is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately. No physical product will be sent.

What’s Included:

Detailed, Biblically-based, prayer lists for your family, pastor, and more – you can be confident in praying wisely both for those closest to you and others around the world. All lists come in 3 formats: detailed, summary (pictured), and with room for additional notes.

Weekly & annual prayer schedules help you to pray wisely. Instead of focusing only on immediate needs (like your sick child or big project at work), you will also be praying regularly for the more important, but less tangible, items (like your child’s character development or your relationship with your colleagues at work).

Printable & fillable pages for Praise & Worship, Confession, Intercession, & Journaling.

Journal questions for focusing on where your prayer life is doing well & where it needs some growth.

Sample Pages:

Inspired by Grace also includes a Bible study on prayer that covers foundational principles as well as a Scripture memory plan. Praying Biblically-based prayers is easier when you have God’s Word in your heart & mind.

But wait! There’s more!! When you purchase Inspired by Grace, you also get exclusive access to these AMAZING bonuses!

BONUS #1 – A Personal Prayer Retreat Planner ($20 value)

This planner is not available anywhere else! You can use this guide to re-ignite your passion for pray by having a personal prayer retreat monthly or quarterly. The planner includes 3 different schedules to fit your available time.

BONUS #2 – A Guide to Setting – and Achieving – Spiritual Goals ($15 value – plus a discount!)

You’re serious about your faith and want to become the strong, amazing woman of God that you were created to be. But how to get there? Just like any journey – you must have a plan. And that plan starts with knowing where you are going: your goal.

You need to start the new year with both a prayer plan – built with Inspired by Grace – and a spiritual growth plan. This guide is designed for that reason.

Spiritual goals are at least as important as any other type of goal. This small workbook will show you why and teach you how to set spiritual goals. Plus, a starter list of possible spiritual goals is included to help you get started.

This is just one small part of the goal-setting workbook I’m working on. Purchasers of Inspired by Grace will have an additional discount to use on that product!

BONUS #3 – Beautiful Prayer Quotations Printable ($30 value)

You will get 6 high-quality, printable images for framing or just tacking to a corkboard. Each image featured a quote from a powerhouse of prayer like Charles Spurgeon and Oswald Chambers. You will get 3 vertical images and 3 horizontal images.


The total value for all the bonuses is $65!

Inspired by Grace is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately. No physical product will be sent.

Why buy this prayer journal? Especially if you’ve already purchased one or more other journals – and they’re now gathering dust?

I’m probably a lot like you. I have tried LOTS of tools for making my prayer life more effective, more efficient for the time that I have, and more consistent. Some tools worked for a short time, but then fizzled. Others never ‘got off the ground.’

Then I turned to prayer journals. I purchased both digital and hardcopy prayer journals and – again – some were helpful and some weren’t. But none of them were enough – organized enough or flexible enough or having enough structure, reminders, and Biblical foundation.

Finally, I created my own. I started by creating prayer lists so that I would remember to pray for all the people I wanted to pray for – not just myself and my family. But friends, my church & staff, missionaries we support, and more.

My prayer journal grew and grew as I used it and found I needed more tools. In the end, Inspired by Grace was born. This is a tool, a journal, a guide, a reminder, and a constant bungee cord pulling me back to consistent, powerful prayer.


Inspired by Grace can be the same for you. And it can do for you what it’s done for me: transform your prayer life from a hit-or-miss, self-focused 5 or 10 minutes to a beloved and vibrant part of your day.

Inspired by Grace is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately. No physical product will be sent.

What others are saying:

  • Thank you for the great information. I seem to struggle in keeping my prayer life focused, this has been so helpful.   –Sheila N.
  • I thank God for what He is doing through your ministry. You are touching lives. Your ministry has transformed my prayer life.  –Augustina O.
  • I love your content as I love all your products I have purchased.  –Patricia G.
  • Wow! This is awesome! Thank you so much! I pray for God’s blessings to be upon you, your family and your ministry in Jesus’ name!  –Rowena Z.

FAQs & Refund Policy

Is this a physical product?

No, Inspired by Grace is a digital product that will be delivered instantly to you.

I don’t have a printer; can I still use this journal?

Yes! Inspired by Grace can be maintained digitally. Almost every page is fillable – so just start typing your requests, answers to the Bible study questions, and verses for praise & worship.

Do I have to print every page – 100+ pages seems like a lot!

No. If you want to have a physical prayer journal – like I do – print only the pages you need. You’ll probably want about 10 section dividers on cardstock, 10 prayer lists, and the praise, confession, and intercession pages double-sided as needed. The Bible study (16 pages) could be printed or completed digitally.

Can I give the journal as a gift?

Yes. However, I do ask that if you wish to gift it to someone outside of your immediate family, you purchase a second copy. If you wish to purchase several copies, contact me for a special discount at

How much time does it take to set up this prayer journal?

That depends on what you include. However, including printing time, it would probably take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

How much time does using the prayer journal take?

Prayer should be a daily habit for every believer. However, no one can decide for you how much time you will spend in prayer daily. The tools in Inspired by Grace:  A Personal Prayer Journal are just that: tools. These tools will help you make the most of all your prayer time, whether that’s 15 minutes or 2 hours a day!

What makes this prayer journal different from others?

I have purchased and used several other prayer journals. It was my experience with those products that led me to create my own. The biggest difference between Inspired by Grace and other prayer journals is that this product provides you not only space for recording prayers, praises, and answers, but also guidelines about who to pray for and what to pray. Additionally, multiple Bible references are provided to help you pray Biblically and wisely.

One other feature is the 5-day Bible study on prayer. The study provides a solid foundation for understanding prayer Biblically. This understanding is critical to praying effectively and seeing God answer.

What is your refund policy?

I want you to find this product useful and helpful. However, because Inspired by Grace is a digital product, the refund policy is necessarily very limited. If you are dissatisfied with the journal, you can email me directly, explain what your dissatisfaction is and how the product did not meet your expectations within 7 days of purchase. I will read your explanation and will respond – first by trying to fix whatever the problem is and then by refunding your money. The decision whether or not to refund is dependent on each separate explanation.


Inspired by Grace is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately. No physical product will be sent.