topical studies workbook

Do you ever wonder…

  • What the Bible has to say about how you talk?
  • What to teach your kids about being a good friend?
  • What showing grace means and looks like from God’s perspective?
  • What God has to say about prayer and thankfulness in your life?
  • What Biblical humility looks like?

All of these questions -and many more – can be answered by doing topical Bible studies. If you don’t know what topical Bible studies are or how to do one – don’t worry. I’ve got just what you need!

The Getting Started with Topical Studies workbook is filled with directions and verses for studying 14 different topics.

Once you get a taste of topical studies with some of these selected topics, you’ll be ready to choose your own.

Choose your own topics that relate to your own life and your own struggles. You’ll have more confidence to get the wisdom you need when you need it.

The Getting Started with Topical Studies workbook is perfect for you because the Word of God is perfect for every confusing, painful, difficult, or maddening situation you’re facing.


Hey there! I’m Tammie.

I become a Christian when I was 17. And I knew nothing! Although I attended the Catholic church as a girl, I only learned some basic Bible stories. I knew nothing about having a relationship with Jesus or learning from the Bible.

But God.

Don’t the best stories start that way? But God was faithful to teach me! He used older believers. He used Bible college. He used the many churches I’ve attended. He used Bible study workbooks, Christian authors, and Sunday School classes.

But mostly, He used His Word and His Spirit. And I’m telling you – there is no better combination!

I learned how to learn from the Word. I learned how to live out my faith. I learned so much. And now I just want to share with you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get started NOW with topical studies.

You’ll never regret spending time in God’s Word!!