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bible study cheat sheets

Do you feel this way?

  • You determined to finally read through the Bible this year, for real – but give up two or three books in?
  • You wonder why all those small books with strange names (AKA ‘the minor prophets’ like Habakkuk and Micah) are there?
  • You have a vague feeling that the Old Testament is important, but really just want to stick around in the New Testament?
  • You love to read about Jesus – but get confused about what happened first, where to find the most famous parables, and when did Jesus walk on water?

These Bible Study Cheat Sheets can help you get the ‘bird’s-eye view’ of Scripture and increase your confidence in your personal reading and studying.

Bible Study “Cheat Sheets” is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately.

What’s Included:

  • A portable library packed with information to take anywhere!
  • The Old Testament overview provides a theme and short summary of each of the 39 books in just 2 pages. Looking for the story of Elijah but can’t remember what book he’s in? It’s in the summary.
  • The New Testament overview does the same – but for the 27 books of the NT. Again, just 2 pages. Do you want to know where to find the 7 “I am” statements of Jesus? It’s right there for you!
  • The Life, Death, & Resurrection of Jesus didn’t fit on 2 pages! So it’s 4 easy-to-read and color-coded pages. If you’re looking for miracles of healing, just skim the orange highlighted items to locate the story of the paralytic lowered through the roof – with all three passages listed.
  • The chart is color-coded for miracles of healing, raising the dead, other miracles (like walking on water or feeding the 5,000), and parables & teaching. Easy to skim and find exactly what you want.
  • The Old Testament timeline covers the major events. So you won’t find Shamgar or King Asa listed – but the most familiar names are there. Did I mention it’s color-coded also? Yep, just zero in on the orange for help in finding Samson or the green for Daniel.
  • The New Testament timeline – also color-coded – includes both the events of the New Testament and the dates the NT books were written. It begins with the birth of John the Baptist and concludes with the writing of Revelation. The life of Jesus only includes 4 events, because of the 4-page chart on His life, death, & resurrection.

The Old Testament Summary provides the theme & highlights for each of the 39 books.

Old Testament Overview

The New Testament Summary provides the theme & highlights for each of the 27 books.

New Testament Overview

Imagine having confidence in your personal Bible study. You will be able to…

  • Find where Jesus stills the storm in seconds (you can find it in the Life of Jesus).
  • Pray through the Beatitudes without searching through all the gospels (also in the Life of Jesus).
  • Understand the major ideas of each of Paul’s letters (just look in the New Testament Overview).
  • Begin a study on the prophets Elijah & Elisha and find the right books easily (look in the Old Testament Overview).
  • And so much more!

You will never regret time spent in God’s Word.

Get more out of your time with our Bible Study Cheat Sheets.

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Bible Study “Cheat Sheets” is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately.

This is a great value all by itself, but you also get this amazing bonus.

BONUS – Where to Find It: Great Stories from the Good Book ($12 value)

This is a no-frills chart of the most famous chapters in the Bible. So for example, you want to read about David and Goliath but you don’t remember where it is. If you know the book (1 Samuel) just go there. If not, go to the alphabetical listing and start at the Ds.

NOTE: this will be added to the end of the Cheat Sheets PDF, so you’ll only receive 1 file.

What others are saying:

Your resources have been a godsend.

It’s incredible how you’re able to make these brief descriptions of each book of the Bible both easy on the eyes and easy to understand. I’m a visual learner and the timeline also puts dates and people and events into perspective, like a jigsaw puzzle in my mind. It’s the one resource you never knew you needed and then wondered how you did without! Thank you!

So much information!

I am amazed at the amount of easy-to-access information within these Bible Study Cheat Sheets. I printed them out and added them to the front of my Bible study binder so that I’ll always have them close. The timelines of important events and the color-coded keys for finding information make it simple to find what I need. So thankful for these sheets!
Loving Christ Ministries

Clear, concise, & amazingly helpful!

This set of Bible Study Cheat Sheets is a phenomenal resource! I found it to be very clear, concise, and amazingly helpful.  This is all stuff that we studied briefly in Bible school, but having it condensed in one very clear printable is amazing.
The Hallway Initiative

A must-have

These Bible Study Cheat Sheets are a must-have for anyone who is serious about studying God’s Word and growing a deeper understanding of Biblical history and context. If you’ve ever felt like the Bible was confusing, these are the cheat sheets for you. God’s Word comes alive when you see how the pieces fit together. I’ll be printing these and keeping them with my morning prayer and study journal.
The Holy Mess

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Bible Study “Cheat Sheets” is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately.

FAQs & Refund Policy

Is this a physical product?

No, Bible Study Cheat Sheets is a digital product that will be delivered instantly to your inbox.

How does this product differ from what I can find online and in Bible study books?

I use both online and printed Bible study products and they are great but they require a certain level of Bible knowledge to use them effectively.

I created Bible Study Cheat Sheets for my friends who wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource for Bible study. Anyone with any level of Bible knowledge can get value and understanding from these cheat sheets. Plus, the color-coding was included specifically for visual learners – which in a visual society like ours is almost everyone!

What is your refund policy?

Bible Study Cheat Sheets is a digital product therefore, refunds are not offered.

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Bible Study Cheat Sheets is a digital file that can be downloaded immediately.

Are you ready to build your confidence in knowing God’s Word? Even if you’ve never read a single book of the Bible, with these guides, you can learn & grow in both your confidence and your faith. Get yours today!