Digging Deeper

A Book-by-Book Guide to the New Testament

Are you ready to dig into the New Testament and finally get it?

Digging Deeper will help you study the New Testament with confidence.

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  • You want to understand the Bible – especially the New Testament – but there’s so much to learn! Being determined is great, but sometimes you need more.
  • Sometimes you just need a guide to show you the way. Someone who’s been where you’re going, ready to point out all the helpful hints that make the journey easier.
  • Digging Deeper is that guide. It is specifically designed for anyone who wants to begin studying God’s Word but doesn’t know where to start.
  • Digging Deeper is a book-by-book guide to the New Testament that can help you put all the pieces together.

Is this you?

  • Do you love the idea of studying the Bible, but also find it confusing or overwhelming? 
  • Do you have questions like “Where do I start?” “How will I ever understand this?” “What do I do?”
  • Do you listen to others share what they’re learning and think, “How did they learn that?” or “Where is that found?” or even “They know so much, I’ll never know that much!”

Digging Deeper was created just for you! It isn’t for Bible scholars or seminary graduates. This guide is for you – just a normal person who wants to know the New Testament better.

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Have you ever had one of these thoughts?

  • You know the highlights of who Jesus is – His birth in Bethlehem, telling parables & doing miracles, His crucifixion, and finally His resurrection – but don’t understand what the parables mean or know why the Bible has 4 different gospels.
  • You’ve read and reread your favorite epistles, maybe Philippians or James, several times but avoid longer, harder epistles like Romans and 1 Corinthians.
  • You think there are way too many Herods in the New Testament – along with too many Marys and Simons. Just how do you tell them apart?
  • You’re so confused or scared of the topic of the end times that you’ve never even read the book of Revelation! Maybe you’re not sure you’d be able to understand it even though you know God put it in the Bible on purpose.

The New Testament doesn’t have to leave you confused, avoiding some parts, mixing up who’s who and where’s where, or simply giving up.

Digging Deeper: A Book-by-Book Guide to the New Testament gives you the tools you need to sort out the Herods, learn why Matthew and John present such different pictures of Jesus, and finally understand how those parables of farmers and sheep apply to your life in the 21st century.

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Imagine if you…

  • had the confidence to share freely with others what you are learning?
  • realized your daily peace wasn’t dependent on you but on Jesus?
  • learned how much love is present in the New Testament – and started loving others better?
  • could explain to a new believer why the fruit of the Spirit isn’t something you “muscle through” on your own – and your life reflected that?
  • you had a new awareness of God’s holiness and found resisting temptation so much easier because of that?

Digging Deeper includes

  • Basic information on each New Testament book, like who wrote it and when
  • The theme of each book along with a theme verse or passage
  • An outline for doing book studies
  • How Jesus is presented in each book
  • Unique features of each book
  • Maps with just the essential information to make them easier to understand
  • An alphabetical list of most of the people in the New Testament – so you can sort out the Herods and Simons and Marys
  • An alphabetic list of the most important places in the New Testament – and why they’re important
  • Lots of extras like characteristics of Christians, what apostasy is, how to recognize false teachers, and more – all with Bible passages
  • Detailed directions, along with worksheets, for doing a book study – so you can begin to master the New Testament like never before!

What others are saying



Hey there! I’m Tammie.

I become a Christian when I was 17. And I knew nothing! Although I attended the Catholic church as a girl, I only learned some basic Bible stories. I knew nothing about having a relationship with Jesus or learning from the Bible.

But God.

Don’t the best stories start that way? But God was faithful to teach me! He used older believers. He used Bible college. He used the many churches I’ve attended. He used Bible study workbooks, Christian authors, and Sunday School classes.

But mostly, He used His Word and His Spirit. And I’m telling you – there is no better combination!

I learned how to learn from the Word. I learned how to live out my faith. I learned so much. And now I just want to share what I’ve learned with you.

I want you to know God’s Word and the God of the Word intimately. I pray Digging Deeper: A Book-by-Book Guide to the New Testament will help you do that.