Bible Study Favorites

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After many years, I have found some personal Bible study favorites that I return to time and time again. Whether you’re just getting started in personal Bible study or have been digging into the Word for years, these resources can help you in your study.

Part of my love for the Ryrie Study Bible undoubtedly stems from the fact that it was the Bible I used in Bible school. It’s full of great study helps and I love the NASB for studying (even though I read other versions for devotions & clarity at times). A great second-place option would be the MacArthur Study Bible.

I use colored pencils to highlight and mark my Bible. I have tried other tools – some are below – and some people love gel highlighters or other tools. But I have found colored pencils give me the most flexibility (lots of colors!) and never bleed through!! These are an easy-to-find option.

This is a second option for colored pencils. I really like the soft lead – it goes on so smoothly. And still very affordable!

I absolutely LOVE these highlighters & use them for so many things. And I’ve found that the pastel ones don’t bleed through my Bible pages – so they’re perfect for highlighting a few verses. Just don’t use the darker ones – ask me how I know!

My daughter-in-law (and her mother!) love these gel highlighters and use them all the time. One of the best features is how smoothly they go on.

A bound and lined journal is a MUST! I’ve tried using a notebook with looseleaf paper and spiral notebooks. I hated them both, so now it’s only bound journals for me. I like the simple ones (and cheap!) the best.

I used to use regular bookmarks – but then I discovered these wonderful, very thin magnetic bookmarks. Perfect for thin Bible pages. And of course, you can get them in a zillion different designs. I have some floral, some geometric, and some simple pastel colors. Besides their obvious usefulness, they are perfect gifts for almost any occasion.

The first Bible study booklet I ever did was published by The Navigators – now NavPress. And I have continued to love their clear, concise, and Biblically sound studies ever since. The LifeChange series covers every book in the Bible and will give you a great handle on each of them. They’re also great for group studies because, without a video, your group has more time for conversation.

A few years ago, hubby gave me a cup warmer for Christmas (actually 2 – one for the living room and one for my office). To quote a visiting friend, “That’s a game-changer!” I love having a cup of tea while studying – except maybe in the heat of July and August – and it always stays warm when I’m getting in deep and forget to drink. Lots of types to choose from. If you’re a tea or coffee lover, you need one of these (or maybe two?).