7 Benefits of Reading for Children

Why do children need to learn to read? What are the real benefits of reading for children outside of managing to graduate from high school (which is, of course, important!). Is reading just a tool to be used for formal education? Or is it something more. Short answer: it’s something more. Longer answer: keep reading!…


Children Learning to Read: What Parent Need to Know

Children master many major accomplishments in their early lives. Learning to sit, stand, walk, run, and jump. Learning to feed themselves, dress themselves, and brush their teeth. Most parents don’t worry too much about these extraordinary feats. But when it comes to children learning to read, most parents seem to worry. And I understand that….


20 Books to Read Aloud to Your Preschooler

Reading aloud is so critical for preschoolers. As a former elementary teacher with a doctorate in literacy, I know how important this foundation is. You can read more about the why and how, but now I’m sharing 20 of my favorite books to read aloud with preschoolers. I plan to eventually write posts about reading…


Why and How to Read Aloud to Young Children

Experts in reading tell anyone who listens that choosing to read aloud to young children – even newborns – is a critical component in helping them learn to read later in life. In fact, many reading experts highly recommend that young children have a minimum of 1,000 books read to them before beginning kindergarten. Don’t…


Top 5 Reasons You Should Pray

Why do you pray? Because you should? Because your life is a mess? Because you need help? Because you’re lonely? There are dozens of reasons to pray. But perhaps a better question to ask is why should you pray? If you pray because you think you should – you are partially correct. You should pray….