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A Simple Fall Bucket List

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It’s the first day of fall, but the forecast here in Georgia is for 90+ temps today, and we broke 90 all week last week. The weather is supposed to drop into the 80s next week, but it’s still a far cry from sweater weather! Still, it is fall and in honor of the season, I’m putting together a simple fall bucket list.

The thing about bucket lists is this: they make me feel like a failure! “50 Great Things to Do” and I only did 3? Fail! “Adventurous Ideas for Your Summer” and I did none? Super-fail!!

A Simple Fall Bucket List

So, my list, created for myself and shared with you is small. Only 20 items, and some I know I’ll do so I’m slaying the failure before it gets to me.

The List:

  1. Decorate for fall – complete with wreaths and pumpkins (trip to Hobby Lobby is optional)
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch with the grandkids
  3. Go on a hayride at the pumpkin patch
  4. Take a day trip to the mountains to see fall colors – if you’re not near the mountains, use a fall screen saver or wallpaper. I’m heading to the north Georgia mountains in October.
  5. Go to a fall festival
  6. Bake an apple dessert BONUS: bake a pumpkin dessert, toosimple fall bucket list
  7. Start a new Bible study (so many choices!)
  8. Drink apple cider or spiced hot cider or both
  9. Get all the family together for Thanksgiving – including the only living great-grandparent. Plans already made.
  10. Practice thankfulness by creating a gratitude list
  11. Visit a farmer’s market
  12. Make homemade soup – love homemade soup
  13. Make homemade bread to have with the soup – really love homemade bread![mailerlite_form form_id=13]
  14. Plant fall flowers
  15. Go on a fall picnic at a local park
  16. Follow college football – cheering for my team
  17. Buy and burn a new fall candle
  18. Make at least 1 fall-themed craft (did I already mention Hobby Lobby??)
  19. Watch a Halloween movie (It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown counts!)
  20. Watch the Macy’s Day parade while eating cinnamon rolls – a family tradition
    and one bonus item:
  21. Make a December/holiday bucket list and plans

You can Google “fall bucket list” and come up with dozens, maybe hundreds, of lists of things to do. Some are repetitive – every list I’ve seen has ‘go to a pumpkin patch.’ But some are unique, thought-provoking, or encouraging.

The idea behind sharing my relatively short and easy list it to encourage you and your family to be intentional about making memories. The years fly by, and before you realize it your toddlers are parents! Store up those precious moments – at whatever ages your children or grandchildren are – by being proactive.

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