A New Month – New Plans

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June 1st. A new month. New goals. New plans. New hopes. Like January 1st, but with warm weather and beach visits!

I have some interesting plans for this month. Some fun plans. Some boring plans. And hopeful plans.

Interesting: I plan to go to Poland on a mission trip with my church – ministering to Holocaust survivors from Israel is a special pleasure that my husband and I have had the last three years. This may be our last year, so we’re really going to enjoy and invest in the lives of these dear people.

Fun: I plan to see my family at a mini-family reunion after coming back from Poland. It’ll be a whirlwind visit – I get home from Poland on the 22nd, and am driving to Florida on the 23rd! I’ll stay a couple extra days with my mom to recover from jet lag. ???? I am looking forward to seeing my brothers, sister, and their families. The next generation (my kids, and my sister’s kids – and their kids!) won’t make it, but we’ll still have fun.

Boring: I plan to clean and organize my kitchen, linen closet, and bathrooms. I hope to get the line closet and bathrooms done before going to Poland; the kitchen after the family reunion.

But perhaps the most hopeful plans for this month is for a job interview I don’t yet have, for a job I really want. I didn’t think I wanted a new job – I just left classroom teaching after 15 years – but this job has my name all over it! I have been reading and praying and planning what to say – and I don’t even have the interview yet. In fact, the job posting just closed May 29th. I’m hoping for the best. If I get it, I won’t have as much time for writing, but I’ll have a steady income! AND – I’ll get to use everything I learned in my education career to help other teachers become better teachers.

What are your plans and hopes for this month – and the summer in general? Make the most of it by planning for it to happen, not just letting the month, or the summer, happen to you!


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