A New Beginning – On Hold

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I wrote about change and Jesus on August 6, 2017, and haven’t written anything since. Jesus and I are walking through this season of change together, but some days it’s hard. Like today.

  • Hard because I am waiting to hear if I got a job I interviewed for last week.
  • Hard because my husband is having physical problems that are making his new job difficult. But he’s got to hang on until I get a job.
  • Hard because the house we are supposed to be buying – closing in a week – is having some issues.
  • Hard because we sold our home in Savannah when we moved up here near Atlanta – so we’re officially homeless.
  • Hard because we’re living upstairs in our oldest sons’ home. He and his wife are great, but I know they’d like their own space back – because having your parents/in-laws live with you is no-one’s dream.

Just hard. I’m ready to pull the plug on the house, find some small shack to rent, and put the home-buying on the back burner until we both have jobs we like and believe we’ll be able to keep for years. Jobs like the one I interviewed for, but haven’t heard about. Until my husband’s health problems are resolved. Until the perfect house, not just an acceptable house, comes along.

Then, I re-read what I wrote about Jesus and change, and my perspective changes. He’s never let me down. He’s always come through. He is the only constant in a sea of change, and that gives me hope and peace.

Today I will pray and read Scripture. I will talk with my husband about our possibilities, choices, and change. I will rest in the peace that passes understanding. And it will not be so hard anymore.


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