18 Goals Before 2018

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I hit 55 last week! I see no reason to hide or deny this fact. I’d rather be 35, or even 45, but that’s in my rear-view mirror!! ????

The journey from 54 to 55 has been one of change in my life: My husband retired (then got a job in a different field when we moved). I quit my job. We moved across the state. We sold the home we loved and bought a new one. We downsized our needs so that we could be closer to our kids and grandchildren.

It all happened so fast, and I found myself needing to catch my breath occasionally. But the benefits are well worth the changes:

  • Seeing our sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren more often – wonderful!
  • More time for writing and other creative tasks.
  • Living close enough to a major airport (Atlanta!) that mom can fly up and I can fly to Florida to see her more frequently. In fact, she just left two days ago after a two-week visit. We painted my kitchen cabinets!
  • More time for Bible study and prayer – and hopefully sharing more as the Lord leads.
  • A calmer, more peaceful demeanor, as I left behind the stress of teaching elementary school.

Despite all these benefits – I have no regrets – I sometimes find myself wondering what to do next. I’m looking for a part-time job to supplement our income, but basically my days are free to use as I please.

We are exhorted in Ephesians 5:18, to redeem – or use wisely – our time. I want to use my time wisely, so I revisited my goals from earlier in the year and found some of them no longer fit. Others needed fine-tuning. A few were accomplished. But basically, I needed new goals. So, I made some – 18 to be exact. “18 Goals Before 2018.” Not a new idea with me – just Google it and you’ll find several bloggers on the bandwagon. I first read about this on bohoberry.com – and she took the challenge from Lisa Jacobs.

Here are my 18 Goals Before 2018:

  1. Lose 25 pounds – ‘nuff said
  2. Unpack all moving boxes – still working on that
  3. Organize kitchen – got a good start
  4. Organize office – almost done, may finish soon
  5. Paint kitchen cabinets – done and done!! Never doing it again ????
  6. Get back into regular writing habit – a work in progress
  7. Change kitchen hardware – completed
  8. Fly mom to Georgia – had a great visit!
  9. Get 10 more email subscribers – sounds small, but I’m still starting out
  10. Visit family in Chattanooga five times (or more) – three down!
  11. Keep grandson overnight – on the calendar
  12. Make 2018 goals – in December
  13. Get family pictures made – probably in December (?)
  14. Work up to walking 2 miles a day – not even started!
  15. Get rid of remaining school books – done
  16. Have whole family get-together 2 – 3 times (with new grandbaby due in November, this may be tricky!)
  17. Thin out DVD/CD collection – I’m making the move to digital ????but haven’t started ‘thinning’ yet
  18. Decide on new budget software and new budget for new situation – done

I just realized, as I was typing this list, that only one is blog related! I should add some balance to my list by adding a few blog goals – actionable and doable – so that I don’t get discouraged, and can finish the year on a high note.

So, I just did some brainstorming in my journal, and have chosen 5 additional goals that are blog related:

  1. Publish Christmas devotional series in December
  2. Read one book about writing/blogging/business in November and December (2 books total)
  3. Brainstorm products to create and offer to readers who sign up on my email list
  4. Write daily – very important!
  5. Try to write posts ahead by up to 2 weeks

Now, how about you? Can you hop on the 18 before 2018 bandwagon? Or, since it’s almost November, how about doing half that amount? Or even just five good goals to focus on. Whatever you choose, I hope you do choose and don’t just let life happen to you. Cho

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